Cannabis Laws

Sometimes you hear things that are so stupid you wonder if common sense is truly dead.

This morning, on the Today Programme, they interviewed a woman who was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. She had been prescribed cannabis to alleviate the symptoms - and she said it made a huge difference to both the symptoms and the pain. The cost of this was £400 a month and, not surprisingly, she and her husband could no longer afford it: she is in a wheelchair and presumably needs constant care. So they decided to grow their own plants.

The Northumberland police raided their house and, with four police officers, confiscated the plants and arrested them both - putting this clearly very sick woman into a cell for the night. Eventually it was decided not to prosecute either of them but they are still in a position where they can’t afford the one drug that makes her life bearable.

Where do you a start? Cannabis was prescribed to her legally. It is legal around the world these days. It is almost impossible to walk down a street in London without smelling it. The police say they are too busy to deal with routine crime, ie burglaries, and yet it took four to arrest a seriously ill woman and her husband - who was hardly Pablo Escobar. They weren’t contributing to county lines or the criminal underworld by growing it themselves. There is no question of any self-harm - rather the opposite.

Nelson invented the blind eye technique. It is a very useful way round stupid laws that politicians don’t have the bottle to change.

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