Charles (Charlie) Ellingworth went to Oxford where he read History - and otherwise wasted his time. He supported himself through university by working on oil-rigs.

He lived in Hong Kong for four years before starting Property Vision with a friend.  They built the business over twenty years before selling it to HSBC. The management bought it back in 2012. He is a director of other companies, including the Cadogan Estate which is the owner of much of Chelsea.

Charlie married Amanda in 1987 and lives in Somerset with three sons and an assortment of other animals. He wrote a comic novel before Silent Night which did not get published –  it obviously wasn't funny enough. He has written a play about the forger Van Meegeren. He writes regularly for the FT and other magazines. His latest novel A Bitter Harvest is set in 1919 in Dorset, the Paris Peace Conference and Scapa flow in the Orkneys. It is about the women who found themselves in a radically altered society where there were few men not damaged by war and what is was like to be an unscathed man in this new world.

He love sailing and flying - powered and paragliding.

A Bitter Harvest is published by Quartet and available in bookshops and on Amazon 
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