Lite 16 Camera

Real gamechangers are rare. There is currently one in cameras - where there have been a few in recent years.

The digital camera was the first. A few purists now use film - but you have to be very retro or specialist to be going into a dark room. Then there was the phone camera which has democratised the photographic process and saturated the planet with instant images. But anyone wanting to do 'serious' photography still has to carry around a camera body and numerous lenses to manipulate the light into a digital format to be recorded. Convenient it is not.

Now comes the new kid on the block called the Lite 16 and it a product of Silicon Valley not the lense masters of Leica. It is roughly the same size as an IPhone 7 plus but twice as thick and has 16 lenses in its body.

Here's the clever bit. Each phograph is taken with 10 lenses and the image stored on a huge memory. The computing power within the camera then manipulates each image together electronically to give whatever effect you require - depth of field etc. It manipulates the bits in the camera rather than the light coming in to give you the image you want, taking out the bulk of a conventional camera and the computer needed to manipulate the image later.

It's a gamechanger.

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