Electric Bicycles

The electric bicycle is seen as something of a cheat. Bicyclists are supposed to be clones of Lance Armstrong (sans dope) with bulging Lycra and waterfalls of sweat, flicking V signs at any car and most pedestrians. There is an alternative. Ride around London in the sunshine in a suit and arrive at a meeting looking wind-blown, healthy, cool and on time. Cycle through the park and wave pedestrians across with a smile. Park where motorbikes struggle and sweep round London's squares with √©lan and panache. Want to feel fourteen again? Get an electric bike and pay no attention to the two-wheel fascists in their vulgar Lycra or the red-faced slobs in their taxis fuming at the stationary traffic. 

And when it rains? Fold it and go home in a taxi. Or in one of those new Heatherwick buses. What are you waiting for? Summer is coming.
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