2nd Referendum

The subject of a second referendum once the terms on offer are known seems to me not only democratic but also commons sense: we had no idea what terms were going to be on offer - so when we do know, surely this is the time to offer the choice again. The reasons against it that I have heard are strange to say the least. The people have spoken: well yes - except that it was 38% against 37% with a the rest not voting. We have parliament to make this decision: well yes except that the whole mess was started with a referendum. It will make politics divisive: well yes - but aren’t they already? The people don’t understand what is at stake: well yes - so why not spell it out simply.

The Times came up with a really interesting proposal. There are two votes - a week apart.  On all the ballot papers there are three choices. 

1. Do you want to leave the EU or not?

2. The deal negotiated by the government 

3. No deal.

The first vote is on the first question. If the answer is still ‘leave’ - then which of 2 or 3 do you want would be voted on a week later.

What’s wrong with that?
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