Published by Quartet Books on April 25th 2019 • 312pp • paperback • £9.58

“An astonishing book. This is no ordinary novel;
it has the haunting profundity that is a mark of a classic.”
Theodore Zeldin

Longlisted for the Authors's Club Best First Novel

"A German woman arrives in small town in Northern France soon after the war to find a Frenchman she loves. A French woman, whose father is the Vichy mayor of the same town, has a Lufftwaffe pilot billeted in her house. What connects these two women?"

Silent Night is the story of two very different love affairs set against the background of the flight of the population of Eastern Germany ahead of the Red Army, the fire bombing of Dresden and the competing loyalties of an occupied France. It probes the depths of the human heart and explores the complexities of love, courage and jealousy during tumultuous times.

A rich and compelling novel that skilfully captures the trauma and chaos of war-torn Europe, Silent Night is a must for anyone who enjoyed Suite Française or Birdsong.

Published by Quartet Books on November 10th • 312pp • paperback • £12 978-0-7043-72-06-1
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