Online ads

We are supposed to be being taken over by machines. AI is apparently analysing every keystroke and the tech giants are supposed to be able to direct advertising to me with laser accuracy. I will, apparently, get adverts for all the things that I want - but didn’t know I wanted. 


What strikes me is how crude it all is. It (the algorithm) obviously knows that I am over sixty and live near Wincanton - which is hardly a state secret. So what do I get? Funeral plans in Wincanton. Dating for pensioners in the Wincanton area (a rather more attractive proposition). Cures for arthritis and offers on mobility scooters. 

If it was smart it would send me paragliders, mountain bikes or sailing yachts. What about viagra? It obviously thinks I’m way past all of these.

But maybe it knows something I don’t.......yet.
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