St Pancras

St Pancras has been in the news recently. Well actually it is the Gare du Nord at the other end of Eurostar that has been talked about for all the wrong reasons - and St Pancras is being held up as the model station to which it should aspire.

Should it? There is no dispute about the aesthetics - but as a station? It is a great shopping mall to be sure - but as a station it leaves a huge amount to be desired. First there is the walk from the Underground to the platform; ten minutes of anyone's time and a real problem for the less mobile. Second, there is a dearth of ticketing machines. And thirdly, once you've walked your ten minutes to the queue for the ticket desk you then have to walk halfway back to get to the up moving-staircases to the platforms.

As a railway station Waterloo wins hands down. And Westfield is a better shopping mall.


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