BBC Sunshine

There is a subtle re-writing of history going on. As most of us have noticed, this summer has not exactly been, er, sunny. Most egregiously, the sun failed to make an appearance for the Royal River Pageant during the Jubilee. I know, because I was freezing in the gloom by Chelsea Bridge for four hours and the weather steadily went downhill from there until the rain-swept culmination by Tower Bridge.

Yet the highlights of the day on the BBC that evening looked very different – not exactly sunny, but definitely brighter than either my first hand memory or their on-the-spot broadcast earlier that day. They had turned up the ‘brightness’ control.

The same has been happening at the Olympics when you compare that outside events – riding and rowing for instance – where the evening replays have made the overcast skies pregnant with incipient sunshine.

Is this why past summers are always sunny?

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