Macron on AI

In the US, AI is entirely driven by the private sector, large corporations, and some startups dealing with them. All the choices they will make are private choices that deal with collective values...On the other side, Chinese players collect a lot of data driven by a government whose principles and values are not ours.

If we want to defend our way to deal with privacy...the integrity of human beings and human DNA, if you want to manage your own choice of society, your choice of civilization, you have to be able to be an acting part of this AI revolution. I want to frame the discussion at a global scale.

The key driver should not only be technological progress, but human progress...I mean, Europe is the place where the DNA of democracy was shaped, and therefore I think Europe has to get to grips with what could become a big challenge for democracies...

[AI] could totally dismantle our national cohesion and the way we live together. This leads me to the conclusion that this huge technological revolution is in fact a political revolution.

Emmanuel Macron


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