Trump’s language problem

One of Trump’s problems (there are many) is the paucity of his vocabulary - which is that of an child. His repertoire of adjectives is limited to, huge, enormous, great and fantastic. He also uses inappropriate words that he simply gets wrong. A good example is describing the EU as a ‘foe’. He meant to say competitor (which is, obviously, very different in meaning) but he doesn’t seem to have any idea that this is going to cause offence - or maybe he just doesn’t care. More likely, he can’t bring himself to admit he was wrong. 

If he was a self-aware person, he would quietly work on this and put some more verbal ammunition in his clip and have trusted aides to mould his inchoate utterances into something more workable. But this is Trump - who is only superlative and, like all property developers, has a messianic self-belief. Let’s hope the wrong adjective doesn’t cause a nuclear war....

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