This is so simple in concept, so sophisticated in design and so potentially useful for so many people.

It is a website and app that divides the whole planet into 3m x 3m squares - that is 57 trillion squares. Each of these squares has a three word marker: for instance Nelson's column is woven.track.drank. Squares on land have simpler, shorter words - those in the ocean have the longer words so there is a point in mid-Atlantic that is loaning.piteously.civilly.

Why is this so useful? The main reason is that it gives anyone, anywhere an address that is easily memorable and pin point accurate. If you live in a favella or a hut in the middle of the Nulabour you can have a practical and unique address. If words sound alike, such as site or sight, and you put the wrong one in, the result will be nonsensical i.e.if you were looking in England the result could be in Mongolia. It is also in other languages than English - including Mongolian. It works off line. It is much easier than a latitude/longitude coordinate and is also linked with Google Maps and other navigation tools.  


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