I was riding my bicycle down Old Church Street in Chelsea a few nights ago when I was stopped by two pantomime heavies with bulging biceps and a demeanour which didn't breath Christian gentleness. Ahead of them were two Range Rovers with those very expensive chrome wheels that don't do anything useful and a vulgar Lamborghini (I think) sandwiched between them. All had number plates emblazoned with STUNT. This convoy turned the courtyard in front of a detached Georgian house next to the Chelsea Arts Club. It took a minute for this ridiculous convoy to debouche itself through the gates. 

Apparently this is the way that someone called James Stunt travels around London. Presumably he can afford to do this because he is married to one of Bernie Ecclestone's girls - who's house it was. But who does he think he is? A gangster? Royal? Maybe someone should tell him what a tosser he looks.

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