Method in the madness

Boris as Foreign Secretary? It's like making him the Maitre d' of the restaurant the Bullingdon have just smashed up....

But Theresa May is no idiot. There is method in the madness. This is how it could pan out. 

She's got an unimpeachable Brexit team facing outwards: all of them - Boris, Davis and Fox - are leavers. No one can accuse her of sabotaging the 'Brexit means Brexit' message. She doesn't trigger Article 50 but sends in her team to get the outline of the best deal possible - probably negotiating with the Council of Ministers. They come back with the best they can get - certainly better than the crumbs thrown at Cameron but certainly short of the drawbridge Britain that the Brexit purists hanker after.

Then she holds another referendum - but with a big difference: the government stands back and simply says "here is the best deal - now you chose." With that, it stops being party politics - no more kicking Cameron - no more protest votes. It will then be a proper choice with something to agree with - or not - with no lies, frighteners or silly promises. 

It may produce a different outcome - but one that surely no one can argue with either way. 

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