Tax Avoidance

There have been a few voices raised in defense of the Prime Minister's tax affairs. Rightly, they say that what he did was perfectly legal and done by millions of people across the UK. Do I feel sorry for him? No. He had it coming.

It is a very dangerous thing when a Prime Minister - and a Conservative Prime Minister at that - starts to elide evasion and avoidance and start talking about morality and tax. He is ducking one of the central aspects of his job which is to enact laws that are clear and unambiguous. If there are ambiguities it is his government's duty to re draft the law to make it clear. That is the government's job - and they have unlimited legal support to get it right. If they don't, they are incompetent and should be held to account. It is not the taxpayer's duty to decide what we pay - but the government's - and to start talking about morality is a petard on which both Cameron and Osborne are now being hoist - and rightly.

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