How to have a good death

This essay by Maggie Fergusson from Intelligent Life had me in tears a number of times. It is a beautiful, rounded, sad and wise piece about our common fate, a fate that has been skewed and altered by modern medicine - which is a blessing in so many ways but at the end can be a curse. 

One of the suggestions that comes out of this, which I hadn't considered, is that when it comes to helping the inevitable along, this should not be the province of doctors and nurses whose every instinct and training is the prolongation of life. It is the conflict within their role where so many of the problems with assisted dying lie. 

It is also interesting that the arguments are not always conducted along what you would have thought were traditional lines: one of the speakers in support of the Assisted Dying Bill was Dr Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury. His point was essentially that the facts have changed - and he has changed his mind.

I hope the law changes too by the time it's my turn.


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