How lucky are you? If you toured the dealing rooms at Goldman Sachs I suspect you wouldn’t talk to many who said they got where they were by luck. Masters of the Universe don’t do luck: it’s all down to their hard work and obvious genius.

I had lunch with someone I was at school with who is now one of the top headhunters in the country. He knows about Masters of the Universe. We both agreed that luck was key: sure, you make your own luck to an extent but so much is being in the right place at the right time or perhaps a serendipitous meeting. We both knew people who by effort and ability should have made it big – but hadn’t. He took it even further. He said that if he is interviewing someone who distains the concept of luck – he gets very worried. It is a serious character flaw.

Humility is more than just an attractive trait. It shows that you understand how the world really works.

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