School Fee inflation

The cost of private education is breathtaking - and astonishingly bad value. How do they get away with such short terms and bad teaching ratios? They only shine in relation to many of the alternative state schools. And they still manage to spit out adults at the end who haven't learnt to touch type and know nothing about the thing that most will be doing for the rest of their lives - business.

We have all heard of fee inflation - but how bad is it? A friend's father died recently and in sorting out his affairs he found the bills for his own education in the 1970s. Being an accountant by training he stripped out the RPI inflation to work out the equivalent cost now of his education then. It was £12,000 per annum - as compared to £30,000 now. So school fees now are nearly 3x more expensive. 

Sure, the labs were pretty basic then and the outdoor pool was unheated and we didn't have a choice of stir fry or salad bar. But 3x? It's a con. 


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