Bald dogs

One of the loves of my life is called Bessy; Black Bess to give her her
full name. She is half Springer Spaniel (her mother) and half Labrador - but
looks entirely like a small Lab apart from half a dozen white hairs on her
tummy and a propensity to 'spring' as quarters the ground ahead of you with her nose in that doggy world of olfactory pleasure of which we have no concept. When a genie gives me a wish, mine might be a minute ofthe dog experience of smell.

There is not a bad bone in Bessy's body. She is an entirely benign being
(unless you happen to be a rat or rabbit) and her affection knows no
bounds. Physical proximity is heaven for her and there is no better place
to be than lying in front of a fire enfolded  with her, feeling her soft
fur and smelling her doggy scent. Maybe Penelope Cruz might be better - but
Bessy is right up there.

But how shallow am I? I imagined her pink and hairless the other day. Would
any of us love dogs if they were bald? I doubt it.

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