Becoming a horse

David Eagleman is well worth reading. He is a neuroscientist – but also something of a polymath and thinker of startling originality. What captivated me was his slim ‘visions of an afterlife’ called Sum. No angels sitting on clouds here and certainly no theology - but some wonderfully rococo musings on existence and consciousness.

For example he takes our bucolic daydream of living the quiet life of a horse, grazing in a field without a care in the world. How nice that would be in comparison with our busy lives. But he imagines one becoming a horse – the hooves bursting out of the toenails, the mane sprouting and equine muscularity subsuming a feeble frame. But also he imagines the Rubicon of consciousness that is crossed when you realise that the desire to be a horse is a human desire. As you become a horse you can only think like a horse and as you slip over that line you comprehend there is no going back. You are now a horse.

Great stuff.

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